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If you have any questions, need legal services or just want to know more about what we do. Do not hesitate to contact us. Your donation provides life-changing legal services for residents living in poverty in central MS. Mississippi Center for Legal Services (MCLSC) is a law firm for low-income people. Our firm`s fundamental goal is to provide free, high-quality civil legal assistance to the neediest of Mississippi`s low-income population in our forty-three county service area. This is not always an easy task, given the dwindling resources and the political and economic climate in which we find ourselves. Nor is it easy when many still do not believe that everyone, regardless of their position in life, should have equal access to the justice system. However, we are fortunate to have a board of directors and staff who are committed to providing the best possible legal assistance to as many people as possible. We want to serve you. Legal Aid offices in Mississippi can help people in civil matters who cannot afford a lawyer.

If you live in southern Mississippi, you can contact the Mississippi Center for Legal Services www.mslegalservices.org/, or if you live in northern Mississippi, you can contact North Mississippi Rural Legal Services www.nmrls.com/Small Claims Court, which is called “courts of law” and offers citizens the opportunity to resolve minor disputes without a lawyer. The courts have jurisdiction over small claims civil matters of $3,500 or less, criminal misdemeanors and traffic offences that occur outside a municipality. Judges of the Judicial Court may hold hearings and preliminary hearings in criminal cases and issue search warrants. However, you should not take legal action until you have exhausted other remedies, such as writing directly to the person or company involved in your complaint or discussing the matter with the Better Business Bureau. Visit the Lawyer Referral Directory to find programs you can connect with a lawyer who charges fees for legal services. Enter your state, county, or city in the search box to find local programs. However, some lawyers benefiting from these programs may offer initial consultations at a reduced price or charge a reduced fee based on your income. Contact these programs for more information. If the programs listed below, they are designed to help military and/or veterans with legal issues. See specific details and contact these programs for more information. Also visit the national programs.

To let people know about their legal rights, remedies and obligations if you need legal help but can`t afford to hire a lawyer, contact here to find out if you qualify for help. Personal recommendation Most people looking for a lawyer start by seeking advice from a personal acquaintance or someone whose opinion they like, such as their banker, minister, relative or another lawyer. Other common sources of recommendations include employers, law school teachers and administrators, unions, consumer groups, public interest organizations and women`s associations. Martindale-Hubbell Law Directory Some responses can also be found in the Martindale-Hubbell Law Directory Public Library, which for more than 100 years has published as complete a list as possible of bar members in the United States and Canada. The directory gives short biological sketches of many lawyers and describes the areas of law in which law firms operate. You should choose a lawyer such as a doctor, dentist, accountant or someone who provides services. The fact that you are looking for a professional rather than a product should not make a difference in your approach. Price comparison. Check the references of the various lawyers.

Discuss fees openly with them. And whatever you do, don`t forget to talk to them about the wisdom of keeping legal assistance. For example, does it make sense to spend $500 on legal and court fees to collect a $100 claim payment? How are you looking for a lawyer? The obvious first step is to define the nature of your legal problem. You are wasting your time, as well as that of a lawyer, bringing a simple real estate transaction to a criminal defense lawyer. Once you`ve defined the problem, there are several ways to find a lawyer to help you. For more information on supporting the work of legal aid organizations in Mississippi, please visit our donation pages: The Mississippi Bar Association does not have a lawyer placement service that offers advice at a discounted price. They allow you to search for a lawyer by name on their website to see if the lawyer is currently licensed to practice law. They also have information about choosing a lawyer and general legal issues. The Mississippi Workers` Center for Human Rights (the Center) is a membership organization that fights worker abuse through organizing, legal advocacy, community building and awareness, and most importantly, organizing and developing Indigenous union leaders.

The issues addressed by the Centre are: unfair labour practices; discrimination in the workplace; hostile work environment and hatred of violence; Retribution; sexual harassment; illegal dismissals and risks to health and safety at work. You can discuss the fee issue with your lawyer at any time. There are four main methods of compensating a lawyer, although others can be arranged.

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