Montenegro Citizenship by Investment Law

Like other well-meaning governments, Montenegro launched its citizenship program to attract foreign capital and provide a better life for its citizens through increased development and economic activity. If you have completed both and the international due diligence officer has found no reason to worry about you and your family (if any), you will receive Montenegrin citizenship and will be able to recover a passport. If the real estate project is located in the north of the country, the minimum investment is € 250,000, and if it is located in the coastal region or the capital, the minimum investment is € 450,000. Consult the list of real estate projects approved by the government. In addition to the above contribution amount, applicants are offered to invest in one of three investment options in government-approved real estate projects: In recent years, more and more high-net-worth individuals have taken the step of obtaining citizenship through investment, and we expect the trend to continue to grow. No language or history test. All you have to do is apply, make the investment and get your passport. No further commitment is required. There are two different pathways to the Montenegrin citizenship program in the citizenship through investment program.

Both include a contribution to a state development project as well as a real estate investment. Qualified investors can choose one of the following investment options: Montenegro encourages major investment development projects in tourism or hospitality You can easily obtain Montenegrin citizenship by investing for yourself, your spouse and minor children. In addition to a contribution to the sovereign wealth fund, the Montenegrin CBI offers real estate investments. Real estate investment can be made in a construction project on the coast, in Podgorica or in the northern and central regions of the country. Investments in the North and the primary area are eligible for a lower investment threshold. The investment must be held for a period of five years. Can you afford to take a risk and buy EU citizenship at a low price so that you can fully enjoy life and work anywhere in the EU in five years` time? Countries that lack foreign investment, are too dependent on one or two industries, or simply have no other way to give their citizens a better life, are usually the ones launching these programs. Currently, a dozen countries have implemented such a program. We help a newborn to obtain citizenship if at least one parent is a Montenegrin citizen. No, the Montenegro program has a donation and real estate investment model where both aspects of the requirement must be met.

There is no doubt that the region will come alive with the increasing number of tourists and foreign investment. Here are the main benefits of obtaining and keeping your Montenegrin citizenship. However, if the applicant makes a real estate investment in the capital Podgorica or in the southern region of Montenegro, the minimum investment is € 450,000. Located in the Balkans in Southeast Europe, Montenegro is not only a luxury destination, but is also becoming increasingly popular with business travelers and investment opportunities. Montenegro has a reputation for being a stable country, both politically and economically. It is an economic centre that offers a gateway to the European market. Only an authorized agent registered in the program is allowed to apply for citizenship while investing in Montenegro. This officer will facilitate the transaction with the government and the construction project. You will need to transfer the money to an escrow account and apply to the program once you have collected all the paperwork. Let`s face it. An investment in the Montenegrin passport is a class B passport. You can`t travel visa-free to some of the most important countries in the world, but the huge potential is there.

A petitioner may be admitted to Montenegrin citizenship by naturalization in accordance with Montenegro`s interests if he fulfils the following conditions: “The program will have a significant positive impact on income generation, especially by attracting new investments,” they said. To apply under the Montenegrin citizenship program, the main applicant must pay an application fee of €15,000 if applying alone. An additional €10,000 will be charged for up to 4 family members, and each additional dependant will cost €50,000. Then the total cost for a solo candidate who invests in the cheaper north amounts to 465,000 euros. The Special Program of Citizenship by Investment of Montenegro (MSCIP) requires investments in economic activities (enterprises) that contribute to the economic development of Montenegro and/or investments in real estate and/or the payment of funds into a special account of the budget of Montenegro.

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