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As part of the government`s Norka initiative, a legal cell was launched on Thursday to help expatriates in the Indian state of Kerala with employment and other issues. A free legal aid cell has been set up in Abu Dhabi to help non-resident Malayalis, a senior official told the Khaleej Times. Norka Roots, the public arm of the Department of Non-Resident Keralite Affairs (Norka), has appointed a legal adviser in Abu Dhabi to provide legal assistance to Malaysians. Harikrishnan Namboothiri K, Norka`s chief executive, said similar advisers would also be appointed in Dubai and Sharjah in the coming weeks. “As a first step, Norka Roots appointed legal advisors in Kuwait and Oman. The facility has also been expanded to Abu Dhabi and Bahrain. The cell will provide free assistance with employment issues, case submissions, compensation and clemency claims. “The cell will also provide translation services to Malayalis living abroad,” he added. The project also aims to provide legal assistance to expatriates detained for minor offences. As part of this project, a person in need or their immediate relatives or friends who have valid documents can contact the cell for legal assistance. The cell would also organize legal education programmes in cooperation with various Malaysian associations. Namboothiri said: “Those who need free legal advice will need to fill out a form available on the Norka Roots website. The applicant must provide certain mandatory information, the authenticity of which must be verified. The request will then be forwarded to the local legal counsel, who will then provide further assistance.

We need to make sure that the issue submitted falls under the Pravasi Legal Aid Cell (PLAC) programme,” Namboothiri added. The programme was established primarily to provide timely legal assistance and advice and to overcome language barriers faced by non-resident Malays in this regard. “The program will also reach out to families in need.” NoRKA Roots has appointed legal advisers in all Gulf Cooperation Countries (GCCs) to extend legal assistance to expatriates serving prison sentences for minor offenses. Issues of employment, complaints, compensation and clemency were also raised before the cell. An expatriate in distress or his close relatives or friends with valid documents can contact legal aid. In addition to women living abroad, their family members can also contact the home cell by phone (0471-2770540), WhatsApp (9446180540) or email (womencell.norka All legal support documents must be submitted to the Chief Executive Officer, NORKA Roots, Thycaud, Thiruvananthapuram. The NORKA Center`s Women NoRK cell acts as a one-stop shop system to address issues faced by Keralite women working or living abroad.

S. Mahinsha Another important initiative is the launch of the NoRKA women`s cell from the headquarters of NoRKA Roots in Thycaud. The cell, set up on the recommendation of young girl Loka Kerala Sabha, will act as a one-stop shop system from August to deal with the problems faced by Kerali women working or living abroad. The cell is a relief for women, especially those in the domestic worker (DSW) category, who can be harassed in the workplace. “We get an average of 12 calls a day. The main concerns are harassment in the workplace by those who fall into the DSW category, problems of adaptation and repatriation, and the dispelling of doubts about employment abroad. We intervened quickly when needed,” says Parvathy G.S., Nodal Manager of the NoRKA cell “I am pleased to have been chosen as legal advisor to PLAC (Pravasi Legal Aid Cell), which is responsible for providing services related to its work abroad and knowing the legal procedures for any problem here or with us”, said Gireesh, who added that in collaboration with the Indian Media Forum in Muscat, legal awareness campaigns are being conducted in the Malaysian community. This is the largest expat population here. The cell has been tasked with taking care of the safe migration of women, raising awareness and treating their ills. At the press conference at the Malabar Palace Hotel in Ruwi, Fr.

M. Jabir, community welfare secretary of the Indian Social Club Muscat, was present, Gireesh said the victim`s relatives, his wife, children or mother or other close relatives can contact the Norka in Kerala to get legal assistance for anyone punished here. Gireesh, a lawyer for Hassan Mohsin, who is based at the Indian Embassy of Legal Experts along with various other diplomatic missions, has been appointed as legal adviser in charge of providing legal advice to the South Indian community. “The services are free. This first installation of its kind, created by a ministry, is a success. As of December 12, the GCC has received 1,757 complaints and 28,793 live chats on the official website,” said K. Harikrishnan Namboothiri, Chief Executive Officer of NORKA Roots. The Pravasi Legal Aid Cell, set up to provide free legal assistance to NoRKs in various countries, particularly in the Middle East, has received overwhelming reception.

Kerala | NORKA | Norka-Roots | Regional | centres Recognized associations| Indian Mission | Malayalam duck | NRK Directory Home | Contact us| Application forms| Nammude Malayalam| Ente Malayalam Ente Abhimanam ലീഗല് കണ് സള് ട്ടന് റ്മാരുടെ നിയമനത്തിനായുള്ള അപേക്ഷാ ഫാറം State expats residing in any part of the world can make a missed call to the toll-free helpline 00918802012345. Within 30 seconds, a GCC manager will return the call to help the expats. For those seeking help in the rest of the states, services are available through 18004253939. A forensic laboratory report revealed that the shipowner`s negligence, as well as the captain`s absence, led to the accident. They must not be abusive or personal. Please follow our Community Guidelines to post your comments. Appointment of Legal Counsel – General Guidelines We have migrated to a new feedback platform. If you are already a registered user of The Hindu and logged in, you can continue browsing our articles. If you don`t have an account, please sign up and log in to post comments. Users can access their older comments by logging into their accounts on Vuukle. The Government of Kerala has launched the Pravasi Legal Aid Scheme (PLAC) through NORKA-ROOTS to assist non-resident Keralites with legal problems overseas.

The aim is to provide the necessary support and cooperation on legal issues faced by non-resident Keralites. Labour issues, passports, visas and other social issues will all fall within the scope of this support programme. The program also includes hospital care related to conviction and imprisonment. In addition to the GCC countries, this assistance will also be available to those living in Iraq and the Middle East. അതാത് രാജ്യങ്ങളിലെ പ്രവാസി മലയാളി സാംസ്കാരിക സംഘടനകളുമായി സഹകരിച്ചാണ് പ്രവാസി നിയമ സഹായ സെല്ലിന് രൂപം കൊടുക്കുന്നത്. Superintendent of Police: 9497996994 Deputy Superintendent of Police: 9497990150 Police Inspector: 9497987225 The Global Contact Centre, Pravasi Legal Aid Cell and Keralite Non-Resident Women`s Cell, established this year by NoRKA Roots, have proven useful to hundreds of non-resident Keralites when needed and in voicing complaints and grievances. Most tenders are for overseas recruitment opportunities, services provided by the NRI Commission, the Non-Resident Keralite Social Welfare Board and NoRKA Roots, the Kerala Police NRI Cell, the Loka Kerala Sabha, “returnee” rehabilitation programmes, passports and contact details of Indian embassies and consulates. Polizeichef Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala Thiruvananthapuram-10 NORKA-Roots in Riyadh, Jeddah, JizhZhizhizhiZhizhiZhizhaZhizhiZhizhazhiZhiZhiZhiZhizhazhiZhizhiZhiZhiZhizhazhiZhizhazhiZhizhazhiZhizhiZhizhiZhizhalConsultans aus 31 Ländernhaben seit dem invites 1,28,6588 expatriates to Riyadh. Februar das Global Contact Centre (GCC) genutzt, um Unterstützung für verschiedene Dienstleistungen zu suchen und Beschwerden einzureichen.

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