Summer Jobs for Law Students 2021

Our articling students praise their wealth of professional experience at the OAG – working with lawyers, paralegals, and other law students while enjoying the sights and sounds of the nation`s capital. It is not surprising that after law school, many students decide to apply for permanent positions in our office. Internships are open to undergraduates, doctoral students, and law students with a good academic reputation. The selection process for the internship program is very competitive. Candidates are selected on the basis of academic achievement and proven leadership skills. Every year, various U.S. components and lawyers hire students through SLIP. The Department of Justice hires approximately 50 SLIP interns each year. See the list of participating streams this year, as well as the estimated number of jobs available. Law students who have completed at least one full semester of law school by the application deadline are eligible. The most successful candidates complete a summer articling period between the second and third years of law school; However, law students who begin a full-time articling or graduate law program may complete an articling after graduation. Part-time law students can also apply.

All applicants must review the admission rules. Since the BA receives many applications, we ask students to complete only one complete application. Submitting duplicate or incomplete applications may affect the efficient processing of your application. That`s exactly what the ministry`s Summer Law Internship Program (SLIP) has to offer. SLIP is the competitive recruitment program of the Paid Summer Internship Department. Law students who participate in SLIP benefit from exceptional legal experience and invaluable contacts with the Department of Justice. Articling students represent diverse backgrounds and interests and come from various law schools across the country. You`ll begin a process of exploration, reflection, and decision-making that can last your entire career. But for now, focus specifically on your 1L summer job search. You can start by reading our Summer Job Search FAQ, which covers topics like writing resumes and cover letters, preparing for interviews, negotiating offers, and tracking our 1L summer job stream for the latest summer jobs we receive. In addition, we have created this guide specifically for the 1L summer job search.

The Office of the Attorney General of the District of Columbia (OAG) is seeking highly qualified undergraduate and graduate students to work as volunteer interns during the academic year and summer vacation. The BA Internship Programme provides students with a challenging experience that reflects the demands and rewards of public service. Each year, the OAG recruits a diverse group of trainees from educational institutions in the United States and abroad. The OAG has a broad area of practice that offers students a range of areas of interest to choose from. Many BA interns are in the business environment of interest and politically explosive. You`ll also participate in several field trips, including visits to DC Prison, MPD HQ/Training Academy, and a visit to the District of Columbia Court of Appeals to attend a hearing. In addition, you will have the opportunity to attend lectures given by BA lawyers on topics such as environmental jurisprudence, ethics, opening and closing statements, statements, domestic violence, child protection, criminal and juvenile prosecutions, and appellate representation. Internships are unique and tailored to each student`s needs, interests and schedule.

We will talk to you to learn more about your interests, skills, experience, preparation and training. Upon receipt of the complete application and supporting documents, the internship coordinator will contact you to arrange an appropriate and mutually beneficial internship. You may receive additional forms to complete the process. Since the BA organizes a mandatory formal orientation for interns and summer associates on the first day, we cannot change our start dates. An internship at BVG is a great experience! You will be involved in a variety of interesting legal tasks, such as assisting lawyers with legal research, filings, advisors, discoveries and litigation. On any given day, you can do research, gather documents, answer interrogations, or take notes during a witness statement. Or you may need to help lawyers during the trial or hearing and see firsthand how to choose a jury or make a dynamic opening statement. Candidates can check their status online. The Office of Lawyer Recruitment and Management provides updates on the status of key decisions in the selection process. The community bulletin board, which is associated with the online application, is also useful for applicants who have questions or wish to view updated information.

If you haven`t received any offers and you`re panicking, don`t do it! Make an appointment with an OPIA consultant to discuss your options and create a game plan. The judiciary prides itself on the fact that it considers the “candidate as a whole” when selecting for the job. Selection is made based on many elements of a candidate`s background, including a demonstrated commitment to government service, academic achievement, leadership, experience in law review or advocacy, legal and clinical experience, previous employment, and extracurricular activities related to the work of the department. Don`t forget to review your online presence and clean it up if necessary. Employers can do an online search for you, and your online presence should be professional. Be sure to check your social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), email signatures, and voicemail. Also, make sure your LinkedIn profile is professional and up-to-date. (November to January) and application (from 1 December). The Department will update the candidate`s status online to post the selection for review of a job similar to the selection for an interview. The online status also indicates which component(s) selected the candidate in the “Selected by” column.

For space reasons, a code is used for each component. Not all components conduct interviews and those that usually interview by telephone. Components contact SLIP candidates independently to schedule interviews if desired. If you are selected for a job under the leaflet or if a component has contacted you for an interview, consult the component`s contact list and component-specific requirements. Questions regarding submissions or interviews should be directed to the appropriate contact person. Application deadlines are listed below. Even after these deadlines, we continue to accept applications and place interns if places are available. The registration deadline is Tuesday, September 6, 2022 at 11:59 p.m.

Eastern Time (10:59 p.m. Central Time; 9:59 p.m. Mountain Time; 8:59 p.m. Pacific Time). Keya Ross, Internship and Summer Associate Coordinator Law students will also develop legal writing and research skills by being trained in Lexis research and practicing the application of various federal, state, and customary laws to business. You will develop your legal writing skills by writing applications, advisors, mediation statements and case descriptions. (from autumn and throughout the year).

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