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It is difficult to give a fixed number. If we leave the road, we arrive at about 40 km. If we do the shuttle, we arrive at about 70-80 km. If you weigh more than 90 kg, the bike will travel less km than average. Light Bee, however, is not about numbers. Riders around the world have been impressed by its off-road performance. Its monstrous torque makes the bike fly on all steep slopes. At 50kg, this bike is agile and maneuvering is easy and effortless. Other electric motorcycles we sell may be street registered or registrable in your area.

We can help you in this process with selected templates. Off-road vehicles cannot be converted to legal on-road vehicles; However, they share ARE ELECTRIC BIKES LEGAL AND DO I NEED A DRIVER`S LICENSE TO RIDE ONE? – Most of our products are above the legal limit in Australia and New Zealand for an electric bike and we sell them to you for off-road use. We advocate safe and caring driving wherever you drive, there is a time and place for racing. WHY SHOULD YOU RIDE AN ELECTRIC BIKE OR MOTORCYCLE? We are in a changing world where electrical technology is evolving rapidly. Covid times make us look for our old habits and we go back to our roots. Adventures are back on the agenda. Gasoline combustion engine Off-road and racing motorcycles leave an ecological footprint that often exceeds their value. The electric torque is instantaneous and damn fun. Try. Riding an electric bike can bring you back on a bike – take you further than a regular bike in comfort and style, and help you get around in a fun, clean and eco-friendly way. In New Zealand, 80% of our electricity is regenerated from natural sources, reducing carbon emissions by 80%. The engine is optimized for immediate response times and equipped with state-of-the-art technologies, including regeneration (energy recovery system).

The engine enables efficient performance in both on-road and extreme off-road conditions. “Light Bee (青蜂)” by Sur Ron China is an incredibly fast off-road motorcycle that competes with big brands like KTM & Bike Zero. The company is founded by entrepreneur “Liu Zhuo”, who originated the most successful Alibaba companies in China. Sur Ron designed this bike from scratch, customizing each piece from existing parts. Money was not the problem in the production of the bike. The result is astounding. Road & Track use with chassis number. Best seller on Ron from Australia WHAT KIND OF WARRANTY COMES WITH MY PRODUCT? – We offer electric bikes and motorcycles from SUR-RON, a trusted and preferred electric bike and electric motorcycle manufacturer, whose products are leading this global EMTO revolution, so you can be sure that the products sold by Dirt Ebikes NZ Ltd have been tested again and again – these are excellent bikes. We offer warranties for all our products that are unique to that product and model. If you have any doubts about what it is, do not hesitate to ask us.

For more information, please visit our Shipping & Returns page. On Ron Light Bee is also an evolving product. The all-new 2018 “X” model features the all-powerful upgraded sinusoidal controller and, as a result, acceleration is brutally stronger, more responsive and smoother. The battery life is also extremely durable. With its massive 2000 Wh battery, the journey should take 50 km to 80 km; Enough for most trail hikes. HOW CAN I PRE-ORDER THE DESIRED ELECTRIC BIKE OR EMOTO? – Click on the link on the product you are interested in on our website – click on the pre-order link and complete your details on the pre-order page and we will contact you to clarify the logistics of your pre-order with the exact details of your bike, such as the estimated time and the standard pre-order deposit of $1,100. You can also clarify the pre-order logistics with us by phone or e-mail in this way. We want to make sure you have full transparency on how to pre-order a bike. 50% of the cost of your purchase must be paid when making your bike, and the balance is due before delivery. Note that the deposit before the order will be fully refunded until the time your bike needs to be manufactured and you will be asked to pay the balance of the 50% cost at that time. After this time – deposits will not be refunded as your bike will be made to order – but Dirt Ebikes NZ will do its best to transfer your assigned bike to another person and, if successful, refund up to 85% of the amount you paid. 10 amp charger = 3.5 hours.

But you can charge it whenever you want. Performance affects when the battery is very low. Therefore, you should always charge the battery whenever you can – less than $1 to drive 100 km! Easy to load from home Sockets The future is here – E Dirt Bikes (courtesy Trent Palmer) 1st place Winner`s Race | Sur-Ron X | Electric vs Gas Motorcycles Get ready for something new in the world. It is immensely beautiful and has ninja power – high torque, low noise and super light. Get ready to explore not only the trails, the technically challenging bush trails, but also the high mountains and this time all the way. The moped is equipped with a multi-stage coaxial gearbox – with a primary belt (ratio 2.217) with direct connection to a secondary inclined chain (ratio 3.248) type 420 and a sprocket. The design allows for a wide range of options for transmission, drive chain and replacement sprockets. The primary belt system uses a German continental belt for low-noise, high-torque applications. For extreme use in sand or mud, Sur-Ron recommends upgrading a primer chain and sprocket. It is designed to fit your lifestyle with its low acquisition and maintenance costs and high reliability. It also eliminates the clutch and there is no gear selection and fear of engine stalling, the electric motor with a gear is just “on” and ready to grab with its full torque at zero rpm.

This makes riding on technical trails more accessible than ever for average cyclists who want to explore further and faster. The Light Bee X is the winner of the Red Dot Design Award 2018. The moped is of high quality and is designed for durability. – Choosing low-emission transport options is one of the best ways to protect our climate. There is no pressure to change everything at once, just change it one trip at a time. I`ve been doing dirt biking all my life, after riding my first electric bike, I was hooked! Smile again like this 12-year-old. We want you to smile as I continue. Q.

Do I need to get the Rego for the bike? No. You can use it on private routes and register the bike at a later date if you want the authorized New Zealand SurRon e-bike provider to be. People often ask if we sell the 2022 version. The SurRon Light Bee X are not like cars. There are NO annual updates for the model! Since the introduction of X, there have been some minor permanent changes. We are an authorized dealer specialized SUR-RON EBIKE and SEGWAY DIRTEBIKE with an online store. At Dirt Ebikes NZ, we live and breathe electric bikes and motorcycles. Our mission is to bring the best high-performance electrical technology and enhancements to the SUR-RON and SEGWAY series in New Zealand.

We provide a range of other handmade complementary products in New Zealand and around the world that you simply cannot buy anywhere else. All our electrical products have been tested and certified and come with a standard warranty. Our fantastic range of products as well as our know-how and excellent customer service by highly qualified staff allow us to create the simplest and most enjoyable shopping experience for these high-end electric bikes currently possible. WHAT ARE YOUR PAYMENT OPTIONS? – Currently bank transfer. Several other options will be added in the coming days. ABOUT SUR RON (虬龙), it is a Chinese company based in Chongqing, China – a manufacturing center. With its “light bee”, it sets a new standard for Chinese production. Riders around the world have been commenting on how the bike is really built. Q. How far can I go? Up to 50-75 km, but it depends on so many factors.

“Light bee” received the German Red Dot Award in 2018 for its freshly original and attractive design. Even KTM and Zero bikes bought the bike to study. In addition, Sur Ron sold over 5,000 Light Bees worldwide in 2018 alone. So, be part of the team! Whatever you buy from us, how you use it is clearly your own choice and at your own risk. We ask for common sense and restraint and ask you to use electric bikes and electric motorcycles in reasonable places and with special caution for your health and the safety of others around you. – Reduced costs and maintenance thanks to fewer moving parts – Cycling releases feel-good endorphins, increases muscle tone, maintains weight, lowers stress levels and reduces the risk of disease. Q. How can I register the bike in my state? More info below! Q. Do I need a license? Do you have a driver`s license to drive a motorcycle? Yes 180Kg. The suspensions have the compression ratio to cope with the weight of the driver.

WHY BUY FROM US? – Dirt Ebikes NZ is an authorized distributor of SUR RON ELECTRIC BIKE and ELECTRIC MOTORCYCLE for New Zealand. We have been riding and updating SUR-RON ELECTRIC DIRTEBIKES for over 4 years. We drive, test and recommend only the best upgrades we use on our own ON RONS. After 4 years of DIY, our product knowledge is world leader. The maximum speed is about 75 km/h. This bike is not about top speed. 150cc can do better. At around 50kg, this bike is all about acceleration (torque) and the ability to jump high.

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